Design to maximize your time and create one year worth of content ideas in under an hour.

The Creative Ideas Workshop’s objective is very simple. We want you to have a year’s worth of content planned out in less than an hour. Whatever your media (blogging, social media posting, video scripts..etc.) you use, whatever industry, topics, or services you are writing about, or whether you are new to marketing or just getting started. This workshop is for you.

Give us an hour and we will teach you how to come up with a year’s worth of Marketing Content.

Thats a BIG promise. I’ll explain how we’ll do it. This workshop is made up of three parts.

First I’ll introduce you to what I call the 3 components. the critical structural pieces you’ll need to create a modern content marketed-business.

Next, we will focus on the core curriculum the Creative Bytes Design Marketing Team uses for real clients. We will review real life examples. You’ll receive simple fill-in-the-blank worksheets so you can follow along and apply to you industry. Don’t worry these worksheets are designed to work across any industry and at all skill levels.

During our hour together, if you fill out the main worksheets you can leave away with ideas specific to your business, targeted to your audiences and most valuable created by you. You will sound like a pro in no time.

Lastly, We will introduce you to Marketing Formulas that are based in core copywriting principles that been around forever. (well, not forever… but as long as people have been saying clever thing to sell their products or services to other people.) We also promise to give you online support with additional Marketing Formulas to keep your creativity going, well past our time together.

Sound like a plan?



To ensure we are able to address your personal questions, and maximize your financial investment, spaces are limited. Register today.

Date: September 25, 2019

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Where: 1043 West Avenue M-4 Suite B, Palmdale, CA 93551

Cost: $35