Holiday Campaigns A-Z: The 26 Things Not to Forget When Marketing Over the Holidays

Holiday Campaigns A-Z: the 26 Things Not To Forget When Marketing Over The Holidays

Learn exactly how to take advantage of the frenzy during this holiday season and boost your sales!

Did You Know: Almost 20% of annual sales are made during the holiday months

What does this mean for business owners on a local scale?

Well, it can mean a huge increase in sales for you and your company. Instead of guessing whether or not you will be able to cash in on this frenzy, educating yourself on marketing over the holidays may be key for a successful business season.

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It is also estimated that the average American will spend $794 USD on Christmas shopping alone. That is more than what most people will spend on themselves.

Marketing your products in an effective manner will only boost your sales and perhaps, even develop some customer loyalty as the months progress.

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In this eBook you will learn: 

  • How to use the eCommerce playing field to your advantage in the form of social media and emails.
  • You will also learn how to increase engagement for your customers and even boost positive customer experience to create raving fans!


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