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    5 indications you should redesign your website
    BrandingWeb Design

    5 Indications You Should Redesign Your Website

    Unlike before, nowadays most consumers opt to buy goods and services online. This means that your site needs to engage customers to keep coming back, have a mobile friendly website, and most importantly be easy to navigate. Below are 5 indications you should consider a website redesign.

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    “You know the saying: “Never judge a book by its cover”? It may be a strong life philosophy, but it’s not true when it comes to online users.”

    – Creative Bytes.

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    User ExperienceWeb Design

    3 Useful Reasons to add UX Design to Your Next Website

    A good user experience design is a combination of strategy and design. Normally, the strategy lays out the plan and approach while the design is the practical implementation of the strategy. If you nurture both strategy and design, you can convert viewers into leads, leads into prospects and ultimately prospects into valued customers. All you have to do is invest in UX Design to gain the benefits.