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    Increase brand recognition
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    Increase Your Brand Recognition by Streamlining Your Business Practices

    Your business consists of your products, your media presence, and your clientele. In order to make this work together, you need to have a cohesive performance plan in effect. This means they need to work together to provide industry recognition and draw in an active audience to buy your products, use your services and share their experience with others.

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    Why we love branding at Creative Bytes
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    Why We Love Branding Businesses (And You Should, Too!)

    This is a great moment in history to launch your own business. Technology has made it easier than ever to reach out to people and get your name recognized. If you’re truly great at what you do, there is an entire network of social media groups that will be happy to sing your praises. On top of that, many people are turning away from giant businesses in favor of a more personal touch as they seek out a sense of community and authenticity. 

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    5 indications you should redesign your website
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    5 Indications You Should Redesign Your Website

    Unlike before, nowadays most consumers opt to buy goods and services online. This means that your site needs to engage customers to keep coming back, have a mobile friendly website, and most importantly be easy to navigate. Below are 5 indications you should consider a website redesign.

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    5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing is a key strategy that your business needs for its overall marketing and communications. You should consider social media as an ongoing process and not a temporary campaign. The more active you are on social media the more exposure you will get. The following are the benefits of social media for your business.